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Product Description

RainJack is intelligent irrigation controller and monitoring system. RainJack will guarantee the right amount of water at the right time, significant saves of water and electricity resources, eliminates the user actions in case of weather change and simplifies the human interaction with irrigation system.

RainJack is able to control irrigation without any external sensors like rain sensor, moisture soil sensors, rain gauge, thermometer etc. The only requirement is connection to internet network.

RainJack uses a mathematical model to calculate the optimal irrigation, where the input data is the weather forecast for certain location. Weather forecasts and current weather conditions are several times a day downloaded from reputable suppliers and are available for any location on Earth.

RainJack reports the irrigation state and potential infrastructure errors via e-mail. In case of serious problem like water leaks or short circuit detection at valve installation, the system can partially disable the affected functionality.

RainJack supports remote access via internet or local network without needs to install any proprietary application into your computer, smart phone or tablet. The system supports centralized management of more RainJack systems for your gardener.

Standard irrigation controller features

• Configurable number of areas and scenarios.

• Scaling (%).

• Rain sensor connection(not recommended).

• Up to four scenario start times per day.

• Restrictions to duration of irrigation.

• Definition of irrigation days – daily/odd/even/week days/every x-day.

• Configuration of fixed irrigation timing.

Advanced functions

• Irrigation depending on rainfall – reduced irrigation in rainy days.

• Irrigation depending on temperature – automated scaling according to day and night temperatures.

• Fully automated irrigation depending on rainfall and temperatures.

• Continuous evaluation and visualization of area water balance according to evaporation model.

• Automatic area irrigation reordering in case of water insufficiency (e.g.when irrigation is blocked by wind or insufficiency of water source).

• Possible parallel run of more areas.

• Visualization of irrigation times – history, current and plan on next days.

• Freeze alert.

Cost cut

• The aim of the concept is save water and electricity.

• The system reduces watering according to rain forecast.

• The saving of watering time saves also the electricity.

• Due to taking the weather forecasts into consideration the system is saving the time needed for management. If interaction is needed anyway the web access is simple, convenient and fun.


• The system supports up to 12 standard irrigation valves (24V AC). If necessary it is possible to extend easily to 24, 36 or up to 48 valves.

• It is possible to activate up to 4 valves simultaneously. This feature can be used to shorten the overall irrigation time if the water source has enough capacity.

• The system is able to detect short circuits at the cabling infrastructure to the valves and notify the owner or maintainer via e-mail. In such a case the section (valve) is temporary excluded from irrigation without influence to the rest of the system.

• Any valve can be manually controlled via single button at the top of the RainJack case – instant check of valve functionality during system installation.

Pump control

• The basic configuration allows to control one pump. If necessary, the system can be configured to control more pumps.

• In case of autonomous pump control, the number of outputs can be easy extended to 13.

• It is possible to add non invasive pump running detector with emergency switch off relay. In such a case the RainJack is able to detect unexpected water leaks or non functioning pump and indicate that on the user interface and send notification via e-mail. In case of water leaks the pump can be switched off automatically.

Controls and signaling

• The RainJack unit has three signalling LEDs (Alarm / Alive / Manual) and one button (Manual).

• Alarm LED -> Indication of system warnings and alerts. It is possible to connect external “Alarm” LED on the remote location.

• Alive LED -> Indication that system is functional. It is possible to connect external “Alive” LED on the remote location.

• Manual LED -> Indication of manual mode to control the outputs via “Manual” button.

• Manual Button -> Manual mode control to switch any output manually On/Off.

Remote control

• It is possible to control the RainJack remotely via a local network and/or the internet using any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc). Installation of dedicated application is not needed at your computer, tablet or smart phone.

• The web GUI allows to monitor and configure the whole system.

• The remote access from the internet is possible without needs to have public IP address or changes in NAT or even DDNS.

Mechanical construction and assembly

• The RainJack system is placed in high quality anodized aluminium case with direct wall mounting or DIN rail mounting.

• The system is primary dedicated for indoor operation (IP50). When outdoor mounting is required the extra case with appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) is needed.

• The external wiring is brought into the device as standard via the rear wall (cables concealed). If required, the system is delivered with grommets on the bottom panel (surface mounting cables).

Power supply

• The system is using standard external 230/24V or 130/24V (AC) transformer with power of 20VA. The power supply can be standalone or DIN rail mounting.

• The power consumption is less than 5W.


The RainJack supports connection of following sensors:

  • Rain sensor.

  • Pump running sensor. It allows to detect the pump problems or unexpected water leaks.

  • Wind speed sensor.

  • Water flow sensor. It allows exact water consumption measuring and detection of pump problems or unexpected water leaks.

  • Water level sensor. It allows exact measuring of the water level in the well.
All sensors are configurable via web GUI.

LAN & WiFi

• The connection to the network is done via standard cable Ethernet interface (RJ45) or wireless via WiFi. The precondition is that network has access to the internet.

• Alternatively it is possible to connect the RainJack to the mobile internet directly via GSM data modem.

• In case of temporary loss of internet connection the system uses older weather forecasts on the required day from the past.

E-mail reporting

• The RainJack is able to send the e-mail reports in following situations: system reboot, scenario status report and/or in case of system error.

• The e-mail report consists of weather forecast, evaporation state per each section and irrigation history in graphical form.

• The system will send the e-mail in case of freeze alert as well.

Operational modes

• The RainJack supports the following manually controlled operational modes:

  • “Normal operation”.

  • “Garden party” -> The irrigation is postponed about specified time.

  • “Irrigation off” -> The irrigation is blocked e.g. out of the season.

Current system state

• The RainJack shows the current system state at the first page of web interface:

  • Nearest planned irrigation.

  • Name of the current irrigation scenario.

  • Current and future weather forecast.

  • Pump state with emergency switch off button.

  • Current and minimal water level in the well.

  • Short and long-term water consumption.

  • Short and long-term electricity consumption.

  • Current and maximal wind speed.


• The RainJack is providing scenario and area irrigation history of last 60 days.

• The history of weather forecasts is available as well.

User login

• The user shall use the login name and password to access the web GUI. Two login levels are supported:

  • User -> Simple interface with frequently used features.

  • Administrator -> Full access and control of the system.

Area (Zone)

• The RainJack supports standard definition of irrigation areas (zones). Up to 12(13) areas are supported in basic configuration.

• Each of the areas is configurable: Name, Soil Type, Vegetation Type, Sun Impact, Blocking by Wind,…

• It is possible to display 60 days irrigation history per area.

• Any of the area can be manually switched On/Off.

Scenario (Program)

• The RainJack supports standard assignment of areas into the scenarios (programs). Up to 8 free configurable scenarios are supported in basic configuration. Any of the available area can be freely assigned into any scenario.

• Each of the scenarios is configurable: Name, Irrigation Days, Start Times, Scenario Max.Duration, Scenario Type, E-mail Reporting,…

• It is possible to display 60 days irrigation history per scenario.

• Any of the scenario can be manually started or stopped.

Weather forecasts

• Weather forecasts are downloaded several times a day for a given location.

• It is possible to manually or automatically to configure the the weather forecast location.

• The weather forecast impact to irrigation is configurable by administrator.

Backup of configuration

• The current system configuration and history data are automatically saved on SD card.

• It is possible to save the system configuration and history data on external media as PC hard drive, USB drive, network storage,…

• It is possible to restore the system configuration from external media.


• The RainJack system is providing the alerts management.

Blowdown filter

• It is possible to use one of the output to control the water filter blowdown on regular base or before and after irrigation.

Installation and User Manual    Download

We are using reliable global weather model running along with other meteorological models to deliver accurate weather forecast.


We are providing two ready-to-go RainJack packages (Compact & Premium) and one package where we are able to implement and integrate your special requirements (Custom).
If you want to be the RainJack local distributor do not hesitate to contact us.
The prices are including 20% VAT.




Great for any garden to replace the old irrigation control unit. Plug & Play

  • Pre-configured device
    ready to run
  • 12 irrigation areas
    1 pump control
  • 8 free configurable programs
    4 of them already pre-configured
  • Daily weather forecasts to calculate proper watering
  • E-mail reporting
  • Water well level emulation to prevent pump dry run,
    interrupt irrigation when low water level
  • Water consumption emulation
  • Electricity consumption emulation
  • Ethernet connection
  • Web GUI remote control via Internet or local network,
    responsive flat design



Infrastructure monitoring with possibility of remote maintenance by your gardener.

  • Pre-configured device, power supply
    ready to run
  • 12 irrigation areas and 1 pump control
    including relay, 6A, 20A or 40A
    (Opt.1: Pump running senzor +99,-€)
    (Opt.2: Extension up to 24 areas +199,-€)
    (Opt.3: Additional pump control, incl.relay +49,-€)
  • 8 free configurable programs
    4 of them already pre-configured
  • Daily weather forecasts to calculate proper watering
  • E-mail reporting
  • Water well level emulation to prevent pump dry run,
    interrupt irrigation when low water level
    (Opt.: water level sensor +149,-€)
  • Water consumption emulation
    (Opt.: water consumption sensor +199,-€)
  • Electricity consumption emulation
  • Ethernet connection
    (Opt.: WiFi connection incl.antenna +75,-€)
  • Web GUI remote control via Internet or local network,
    responsive flat design
  • Remote configuration backup and restore
  • Centralized remote access, 3 months for free
    (Opt: +20,-€/year)
  • Automatic SW upgrade


Functionality and configuration extensions.


  • Pre-configured device, power supply
    ready to run
  • Extension up to 36 irrigation areas, 3 pump controls and 3 pump running sensors
  • 16 free configurable programs,
    8 of them already pre-configured
  • Automatic system draining when temperature drops bellow certain value or freeze alert
  • Integration to the existing home automation infrastructure
  • Integration with solar or wind power to irrigate when alternative power is available
  • Webcam integration
  • Internet radio integration
  • …and much more, depends on your requirements


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